Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sketch update! Some stuff that I have been working on. The first four are older sketches for VA Living's UpFront section, we went with #2. The last sketch is for a show I am participating in in March at Gallery5, the theme of the show is "The Cost of Living". My concept is two part two canvas, the best and the worst, this of course is a sketch for the worst, the best is yet to come.



  1. Super exciting to see you blogging along with the rest of us. Now the circle is complete!...The top black an white piece is absolutely fantastic;like the second coming of Jesus. Be careful how you are resizing your sketches..when you click on them, they are as big as my behind. Try to keep the canvas dimensions at around 8X10, pixel size 800-1000 on the longest side and at 72 dpi.
    Cannot wait to see more updates..especially some of the sketchbook drawings.
    you are my hero. let me knit you a cape.


  2. Cool-looking sketches man! Yea, I agree with TIn, can't wait to see some sketchbook stuff!

  3. Very talented! Looking forward to the show on March 6th.